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I am a multi fandom and I'm proud!
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MAJOR OTP right now is Mericcup <3


I realized how much Jack lost when he saved his sister. He lost his parents, he lost his friends, EVERYTHING! I feel so bad because if you look at this picture below, look at who is next to the woman in blue. That’s so sad because if only she believed in Jack Frost or at least knew about Jack Frost. I mean, she thinks he died. Imagine seeing your brother falling through ice and him turning into Jack Frost and not even believing in him and thinking he died when really, he is immortal. He has lived 300 years not knowing anything about his past, when he does his sister isn’t even alive anymore. He did everything for her and she loved him. You can tell. What I find the most sad part of this is he cannot die, which means he will never be able to see her. He is a 300 year old person stuck inside of a teenager, unable to see his sister, unable to be seen by many people, HE MOST LIKELY HAS TO SEE JAMIE AND ALL OF HIS FRIENDS DIE! That’s so sad. Its seriously one of the worst things that could ever happen, but the writer makes it seem like the most normal thing. He didn’t even seem that sad about it, shocked but not sad. I don’t want to make a big fuss over this, but I find it really sad and I am having so much sympathy over Jack and his sister.

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